Prada was founded by Mario Prada in Milan in 1913. A true family brand, it was shortly thereafter handed down to his daughter Luisa Prada, and eventually to her daughter Miuccia. Still running the label today alongside her namesake 'Miu Miu' label, Miuccia Prada continues to innovate the coveted utility-chic brand.

The fashion house is credited for modern Italian wears, premium accessories, and the patenting of specialty scratch-resistant 'Saffiano' leather. While their signature leather garnered them a top spot in the handbag space for the Prada Lux Double Zip Tote, the Promenade Bag, and the WOC, the aughts saw a sharp redirect towards more pedestrian textiles mixed into luxury items. These nylon and denim bags favored a more everyday aesthetic that's seen a recent resurgence with the athleisure trends.

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