Hermes got their start in Paris in 1837 as a maker of fine saddles and equestrian accessories. So begins a long tradition of classic elegance and luxury. Today the brand produces handmade luxury items such as silk scarves, belts, and of course purses.

The Hermes Birkin bag remains one of the most coveted luxury items on the market. The bag was first introduced in 1978 and is named for the actress, Jane Birkin. A similarly coveted and storied handbag is the Hermes Kelly, which came out in 1937 and is named for the socialite Grace Kelly. Thought to be in equal parts a fashion statement and a status symbol, these elite Hermes bags are not so easy to come by. In addition to what's largely considered a prohibitive cost, these bags are also met with waitlists, and the requirement to purchase many other smaller Hermes luxury goods in retail shops prior to gaining their access. Many consider the secondhand market the best way to get their hands on these and other Hermes goods for the reasonable pricing, past season offerings, and the ability to 'cut the line'.

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