Since 1947, French fashion designer Christian Dior’s luxury label has been pushing the boundaries of fashion and pop culture. Following the second World War, Dior drastically changed womenswear with higher hems and cinched waists, leaving behind the previously boxy and lifeless ensembles most women donned. This shift in the way women dressed became known as the 'New Look'.

Inspired by architecture, Dior became a household name by effortlessly mastering silhouettes and shapes, paying close attention to both form and line. Famed for their womenwear and handbags, Dior become a wearable wonder for the societal elite and celebrity. One of their most coveted handbags to date, the Lady Dior was named in honor of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, who was constantly being photographed with her many versions. Another cult-favourite of Dior loyalists is their notorious Saddle Bag. A defining piece designed by John Galliano in 1999, the bag has an extremely distinct shape that is instantly recognizable.

Widening its range of products, the Dior brand has successfully expanded into mens, shoes, beauty, and more. Lusted after worldwide, Dior is an iconic fashion house with a history of fearlessness and undeniable class.  

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