Christian Louboutin

Notorious for his sleek, fanciful creations, French designer Christian Louboutin is an enduring household name in the world of fashion. Establishing what would eventually become one of the most iconic luxury shoe brands to date, Louboutin began with a shoe salon in Paris during the early 1960s. It wasn't until 1993; however, that his great game-changing revelation would occur. Upon seeing his assistant painting her nails red, Louboutin thought to offer the same red polished finish to the soles of his shoes.

To this day, women from all across the globe can easily be spotted in their 85mm Kate pumps or 100mm Pigalle pumps simply by the discreet, yet bold, red soles. Adding products such as spike-accented handbags and ornately packaged beauty products to his range, the Louboutin brand has grown into quite an impressive empire across industries. Delivering glamour and grace in each design, the fashion powerhouse has successfully created an enduring brand grounded in desire, passion, and allure. 

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