With effortlessly chic clothing and a lengthy list of ‘it-bags’, including the Faye, Marcie, and Drew, Chloé is easily one of the most iconic luxury brands to date. Established in 1952 by fashion designer Gaby Aghion, the French fashion house was committed to creating feminine ready-to-wear items that women could simply shop off the rack. Not yet the norm like it is today, this ingenious idea was revolutionary amongst designers and consumers alike. Attributed with coining the phrase, “prêt-à-porter”, or in english - "ready-to-wear", Aghion was ahead of her time in the 50s.

Staying true to the delicate ladylike silhouettes Chloé was known for, the evolution of the brand has gone modern and sophisticated. With a few legendary designers previously busy at work behind the label, including Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, and Karl Lagerfeld, it’s obvious how the beloved brand organically developed into a worldwide phenomenon. 

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