The Handbag Project: Philanthropy in Style

Donate your handbags to a woman in need


The Why

Brightening a woman’s day is at the heart of what we do here at Love that Bag etc. Every woman has a dream bag that she never thinks will be possible. We seek to change that in a myriad of ways; by offering luxury items at lower price points, providing easier payment plans, and by regularly donating beautiful handbags to women's shelters.


The How

Operating as a reseller for luxury handbags on the secondary market, every item that comes to us must be carefully inspected to ensure that the condition and relevancy are up to the standards our customers have come to expect. Additionally, while lovely items, there are some brands we don't sell on our website. When an item cannot be accepted on consignment, we ask the consignor to consider donating the item to The Handbag Project. Operating since the very beginning of the Love that Bag brand, this project looks to give women in need some basic essentials such as toiletries, personal care items, and makeup in a luxury handbag package.


The Who

In both Montreal and Vancouver, the female communities surrounding the selected shelters often face great disadvantages. Many of these women are on the streets, or trying to get out of dangerous home situations. So while every woman knows the emotional power of a good handbag, donations of clothing are also a large help. Professional attire, in particular, can be beneficial for women seeking to find work. Cold weather clothing, such as jackets and boots, are also incredibly in demand from October through March.


Love that Bag etc's philanthropic project - donate a handbag to a woman in need!


The When

The Handbag Project donation takes place as soon as we have amassed enough handbags to make a suitable contribution. Shortly after opening our new Vancouver consignment office this past March, we were able to connect with consignors on the west coast and complete another successful donation round by dropping off at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. Eight designer handbags were filled with a variety of toiletries and cosmetics that were specifically requested by the center. 


The Now

If you wish to join our mission, we ask that you take a look at the handbags in your closet. We would love to reroute anything no longer loved and donate it to a woman who might cherish it once again. We’re confident that you’ll feel good about helping out fellow Canadian women. Additionally, if you have any unused, unopened, and non-expired toiletries or cosmetics, including deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, and lipstick, feel free to donate these to this wonderful cause as well. We would be happy to include these items in our overall donation.

A big thank you to everyone who has been a part of this project over the past eight years! We look forward to welcoming more of you into this special pocket of what we do.

If you're interested in making a donation, please contact


For more information, including where to send your items, please see our Handbag Project page.