The Best Handbags for Our New Normal

Designer handbags that are perfect for a Covid world


Equipped with anti-bacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, and an ultra-modern face accessory, the fashionista of today has a new set of essentials for her everyday outings; or more likely, rationed weekly outings. Faced with the unprecedented onslaught of the COVID-19 virus, the world watched from their screens as each country, social group, and citizen developed their own routine, in an unavailing effort to navigate today’s ‘new normal’.

Despite the chaos, it became clear that in the midst of a collective separation, there were commonalities that arose among people; specifically, a shared inadequacy in the impossible task of sanitizing our hands without contaminating other areas. For this reason, we've compiled a list of the best handbags to meet this new challenging lifestyle. These handbags, aside from bringing about a little additional happiness in a bleaker time, feature several characteristics with respect to method of carrying, material, and silhouette. 


The Best Carrying Methods for Covid-Friendly Handbags

The general rule of thumb states that the bigger the bag, the more options for separated storage. In addition to this, another benefit of larger handbags is that they tend to come with hands-free carrying capabilities, a quality especially favorable during these tricky times. Be on the lookout for sizeable luxury shoulder bags and luxury crossbody bags that you can shift to your side when cleaning your hands. Alternatively, keep tote bags in mind as their dual strap design enables you to wear on-shoulder while sifting through the interior to seek out your mask before walking into your local grocery store.


The Best Materials for Designer Handbags in 2020/2021

Today’s designer handbags have a new set of obstacles themselves; at risk of run-ins with harsh cleaning supplies, your choice of material is crucial in the quest for safe-toting. While prints and textures tend to hide any imperfections that your designer handbags may garner, coated surfaces will do you one better, offering a slick finish that can easily be cleaned. Bodies composed of patent leathers with an embossed print, coated textiles, and textured leathers are all great choices with their finishes that are easily wiped down with a little bit of warm water and a gentle cloth.


The Best Silhouettes & Styles for a Covid-Safe Designer Handbag 

The most effective styles of today will have the opportunity to connect a bottle of sanitizer to the exterior wall via D-ring, charms, or thin straps/chains, and will feature one of three design components; easily-accessed exterior pockets, unobstructed entrances to dual-compartment interiors, and/or an unobstructed interior with a luxury pouch. These clever builds are geared at ensuring that your luxury looks are armed with the best chances at avoiding contamination, in one incredibly sleek package.


Designer Handbags with Exterior Pockets


Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Bloomsbury PMCeline Brown Macadam Coated Canvas Messenger Satchel

       Louis Vuitton Bloomsbury          Celine Messenger Satchel


Even prior to the worldwide pandemic, many people favored handbags which offered pockets on their exterior walls; a feature that enables you to keep your handbag on-shoulder while tucking your essentials away. We suggest an exterior with multiple pockets, enabling you to separate your clean masks from those in need of being laundered. Large exterior slip pockets are the best options, with their unobstructed entrances being an advantage when taking on today’s new set of obstacles.


    Prada Convertible Pocket Tote                   Louis Vuitton Christopher



Designer Handbags with Easy Access Dual Compartment Interiors

 Chanel Dark Gray Quilted Caviar GST XXL SHW Chanel Dark Gray Quilted Caviar GST XXL SHW

                      Chanel Grand Shopping Tote (Chanel GST)


When the priority is to avoid contaminating any surfaces, open access to multi-compartment interiors is a simple way to stow some of your belongings without touching zippers or releasing closures. We suggest choosing luxury handbags with wide or deep open compartments, wherein you can place your antiseptic wipes and masks, as well as secure zippered compartments where you can isolate items that have yet to be sanitized, along with your items in need of extra security. 

Prada Black Saffiano Lux Galleria Large Double Zip Tote BagPrada Black Saffiano Lux Galleria Large Double Zip Tote Bag

                             Prada Galleria Double Zip Tote Bag



Designer Handbags with Open Interiors & Inside Pouches


Louis Vuitton Cyan Epi Neverfull MMLouis Vuitton Cyan Epi Neverfull MM

                                         Louis Vuitton Neverfull


Large tote bags may not offer up the same organizational capacity, but their wide unobstructed entrances and roomy interiors pair perfectly with a luxury pouch for added security. This enables you to throw a bunch of essentials in on the fly, while keeping some personal effects tucked safely and neatly away. Some designer tote bags are even sold with a detachable tonal pochette, for a clever pairing that's as chic as it is practical.


 Louis Vuitton x LOL Monogram Neverfull MMLouis Vuitton x LOL Monogram Neverfull Pochette

     Louis Vuitton x LOL Neverfull        Louis Vuitton x LOL Neverfull Pochette


As the world around us continues to change and adapt, our closets often do as well. While the added luxury of a new handbag can often bring on a smile, we hope this shopping guide will also help to alleviate a little extra stress on your next outing. Take on the world’s new normal in confidence, with organized interiors and practical designs in hopelessly chic packaging!


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