The Anatomy of an Hermes Kelly Bag

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The Hermes Kelly Bag is a cherished icon from the historic French fashion house. Along with its considered sister bag, the Hermes Birkin Bag, the Hermes Kelly carries with it a hefty price tag, and a long waitlist in retail shops. On the secondary market, the preloved Hermes Kelly bag can be found in a plethora of colors and fabrications, living outside of the seasonal offerings, and be purchased without the "pre-spend" requirement of Hermes stores, and with a payment plan on offer. Prior to purchasing an Hermes Kelly bag, it's important to know all of the parts that make it so unique and special, both in allowing you to understand its worth for eventual resale and to confirm its authenticity.


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Hermes Kelly Bag Handle 

A single flat rolled leather/skin handle, depending on the bag, it is secured in place and cannot be be folded down or moved back and forth. 


Hermes Kelly Bag Tiret

A removable thin piece of matching leather, the Tiret is used to hold the clochette around the handle of the bag, while keeping the keys in place as well. 


Hermes Kelly Bag Plaque

Done in a matching hardware to the rest of the Hermes Kelly Bag, the plaques are two pieces found on either Sangle, designed to elegantly finish off the look of the closure mechanism. One plaque will be engraved with the brand's name - this the plaque designed to rest on top of the other when in a closed position.


Hermes Kelly Bag Lock

The classic "H" padlock is a security feature, often used more for aesthetics than to actually secure the bag. Designed to match the bag, it will either come in the same hardware, or wrapped in the same materials used on the body of the Kelly. When used to truly secure the bag closed, it will be placed through the Touret mechanism, after it's been secured through the Plaques. 


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Hermes Kelly Bag Clochette

Designed to hide the keys that accompany the "H" padlock, this bell-shaped accessory hangs off the side of the Kelly Bag, and is done in a matching material. Not only a favorite handbag feature used by Hermes, the Clochette is an industry-wide luxury detail, included in many models from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Fendi, to name a few.


Hermes Kelly Bag Touret

The securing mechanism on a Kelly Bag, the Touret protrudes out from the Plaques on the Sangles. Twisted sideways, it allows the Sangles to be opened for accessing the interior, or left open for a more casual look. Turned upright, the Touret will secure the bag closed, and a lock can be slotted in its center for extra security.


Hermes Kelly Bag Four Clou

Though rarely visible from the front, these four hidden feet rest at the base of the bag to elevate the leather and protect it from stains and scuffs.


Hermes Kelly Bag Straight Flap

Symmetrically chiseled in at either side, the flap is simple and functional, folding over the opening of the bag but keeping the sides clear for the Sangles that anchor the flap in place. 


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Hermes Kelly Bag Sangles

The leather straps used to fasten the flap of the Kelly Bag, the Sangles are usually done in a matching material. In special editions and customer orders, they will occasionally come in a contrasting color or fabrication. Behind one of the Sangles is where the Hermes date stamp is typically placed.


Hermes Kelly Bag Double Rings

As of 2000, Hermes updated the classic and added two subtle rings, one at the base of each side of the one handle, where a shoulder strap can be attached for hands-free use. Kelly Bags will come with a matching strap, but you can add any shoulder strap to your bag for a unique twist!


Hermes Kelly Bag Constructions

The Hermes Kelly Bag comes in two basic constructions, each with their own spin on the classic silhouette.

Sellier: Rigid, geometric, structured — the more classic of the Kelly shapes, this style will have defined pointed out edges. 

Retourne: Casual, simple, laid-back — more relaxed silhouette with edges that are turned in, rather than projecting outwards like the Sellier.


Hermes Kelly Bag Sizes

Every Hermes Kelly Bag comes named for its style and its length in centimeters.

  • Hermes Kelly 15

  • Hermes Kelly 20

  • Hermes Kelly 25

  • Hermes Kelly 28

  • Hermes Kelly 32

  • Hermes Kelly 35

  • Hermes Kelly 40

  • Hermes Kelly 50


A truly timeless pick, the Hermes Kelly will always be coveted for its structured silhouette, premium finishings, limited availability, and sophisticated design. In all sizes, constructions, and colorways, the Hermes Kelly is a detail-laden work of art, worthy of any collector's attention!






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