Starting Your Spring Closet Cleanup

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As the weather starts to shift from cold to cool, and dreary to near-cheery, our closets gear up for their seasonal shift. While storage solutions can certainly help, a healthy closet assessment can take you far, making room for what you love, while making money by selling off that which you no longer need. So while you debate the 'stays', the 'sells', and the 'donates', we've compiled some trends to hold onto and look out for, as well as some closet clean-out tips for some guidance.


Spring/Summer 2023 Trends

Motocross inspiration

    A subcategory of the athleisure trend, this season lends itself to sportier variations of beloved styles that are usually considered to be more grunge or punk. Pieces such as the color-blocked motorcycle jackets and embellished combat boots are hitting the scene, making for a foolproof combo that’s both sporty and edgy.  

    Denim everywhere

    Denim everywhere trend for spring 2023 - authentic Chanel Deauville bag

      Jeans aren’t the only thing denim at today's forefront. The durable and versatile material is now being used across the board from dresses to handbags to shoes; making for a revival of archival denim accessories from fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and Dior. Unisex and age-appropriate for all, this classic material is reborn and reimagined in a creative, yet contemporary way.  

      Ballet flats & Mary-Janes

        Leaning into the feminine, Balletcore aesthetic of many Spring 2023 collections, the timeless ballet flat and classic Mary-Jane silhouettes are a sophisticated, yet youthful, much welcomed change in footwear from the boot-centric clunky winter season. Offered in materials other than the classic & expected leather, such as satin and velvet, these styles have an added level of luxury reserved for this season. 

        Statement earrings

          Elevating looks across many Spring 2023 runways, shoulder-skimming drop and hanging earrings are showing up in a number of styles, from eclectic oversized hoops with hanging embellishments to sleek and sparkling crystal adorned chandelier earrings. Chunky or lanky, show-stopping earrings are a top jewelry pick for any occasion this season.  

          Big bags

          Big bags trend for Spring 2023 - Authentic Louis Vuitton OnTheGo Tote

            Recalibrating the scales after the viral mini bag craze that has dominated the past few seasons, bigger bags are back and roomier than ever for Spring 2023. Despite being presented in a plethora of silhouettes in multiple materials with varying finishes, the noticeably larger scale of these pieces are consistent across the board.

            Sculptural bags

            Structural bags trend for Spring 2023 - Authentic preowned Fendi First

              Both traditionally and contemporarily, handbag silhouettes play a major role in shaping our personal styles and the top seasonal trends. Recently, a slew of fresh, and unconventional handbag shapes have been introduced, such as the Fendi First. These sit alongside the industry tried and true structures like the Hermes Kelly, which has been the blueprint for many designer top handles over time, but is presently being reimagined with modern finishes such as ostrich feathers and fringes. 

              Lime Green

                As seen on the Spring 2023 runways of major designers like Fendi and Miu Miu, this appropriately named acidic shade of green makes for the perfect pop of color for any outfit. Moving away from the Bottega Veneta inspired Kelly green-like color that dominated every type of product the past few months, this zestier hue has a more electric and intoxicating appearance, perfect for the warmer days ahead.   


                Pastels for spring 2023 - Authentic Chanel Frame bag

                  Varying in color from light pink, to mint green, to Robin’s egg blue, these coquettish hues can be styled any which way despite their soft pastel shades. Taking cues from Spring 2023 runway shows like Fendi Couture, Stella McCartney, and Loewe, these paler pigments can all be incorporated in varying approaches in a bold way.


                  Metallic Silver

                    Available in a range of materials from chainmail, to sequins, to metallic leathers, what is usually reserved for the Holiday season has been carried into spring as a staple trend. For both clothing & accessories, the foil-like finishes and sparkling textiles are just as eye-catching during this seasonal transition sunny spring days as they are at midnight on New Year’s Eve. 

                    Closet Clean-out Tips

                    Go in with a plan

                    • Set aside some time dedicated to going through your closet/wardrobe either in full, or in batches focusing on everything all at once or by season, product category, or location, for example.

                      Categorize & Conquer

                      • The simplest way to streamline the process is to categorize where each item will end up after making your decision – traditionally there is the “keep” pile, the “donate” pile, the “toss pile”, and, now, the “resell” pile; but it can vary from person to person.

                      • The “Six Month” Rule
                        • If you have not worn the item in six months (to a year for seasonal pieces), most organizational pros would strongly advise against adding to the “keep” pile.

                      • Staple vs Trendy
                        • We’re all guilty of purchasing something based on a short-lived fad. When doing a closet purge it’s important to take into consideration if the item in question is a personal wardrobe staple for you or if it was an influenced purchase less likely to be used again. 

                      • Multiples 
                        • Although each unique and special in their own right, there comes a time when having multiple black handbags or multiple white sneakers, for example, becomes overwhelming. Editing and curating your selection of several similar pieces can not only help refine your own personal style, but it can also add some value to other areas of your life with the potential of resale.  

                      • Fit 
                        • If an item no longer fits - be it when physically trying it on or within your evolving lifestyle - chances are it would benefit from being donated/tossed/sold rather than continuing to sit unused taking up precious closet space. 

                      • “Fantasy Self” Trap
                        • While it is important to fill your shelves with pieces you love that bring joy, it is very easy to romanticize certain items and how or where we could finally use them in our daily lives or for special occasions to come. Ask yourself how realistic is it for your personal lifestyle and needs. For example, if you can’t comfortably or steadily walk in heels, but have a closet full of pumps – it might be time to swap those out for more practical styles.

                      • “One in, One out” 
                        • While not a hard rule, in an effort to maintain some balance, it’s never a bad idea to consider contributing to the circular economy by taking one item out as another item makes its way in.

                      • Mental deep-dive
                        • Ask yourself the questions you need to determine if these items really still have a place in your heart, and wardrobe.
                          • How is the fit? – Is it comfortable? Does it drape how I want it to on my frame? Is it uncomfortably loose/tight?
                          • Would it pair well with other items in my wardrobe?
                          • Do I like the color/material?
                          • Will I wear it in the near future?
                          • Is it practical based on my lifestyle?
                          • How do I feel wearing the item?
                          • Would I buy it again if it was in stores now?
                          • Why haven’t I worn it?

                      Still not sure what to buy, sell, donate, and/or keep? We're happy to help! Send us an email, give us a call, catch us on chat - we're here to talk all things preloved designer :)