How to Store your Designer Handbags

How to care for your authentic preloved designer handbag

Proper storage is essential to maintaining the longevity and value of any luxury handbag. Adequately protecting your designer purse from dust, dirt, and light can hinder any chance of staining, discoloration, or worse. We’ve compiled a list of our expert tips on the best ways to ensure your handbag will actually still look like your handbag when you’re finally ready to take it out of storage.    


  1. After a day or night out wearing your designer handbag, it’s never a bad idea to quickly wipe it down with a damp or dry cloth, depending on the material. We also suggest emptying your bag of its contents to shake out any loose dust or dirt. It’s always handy to have a lint roller nearby, which is great for eliminating any stubborn signs of dust caught around the inside of your purse.

  2. One of the most important storage tips when it comes to handbags is stuffing. The structure of an authentic designer bag plays a major role in the overall integrity and aesthetics of it. Loss of structure can deform the bag into a completely unrecognizable style. The goods news? This is a really easy one to avoid! While bubble wrap or tissue paper are the most commonly used options, everyday household items such as newspapers or pillows are also great options to stuff your bag. We do suggest, however, to avoid stuffing bags that have a lighter colored interior with things like newspaper, to avoid any risk of ink rubbing onto the fabric. While there are handbag shapers available now, made specifically for different models, finding new solutions for unused everyday items offers a more ecological method in preserving your handbag.

    When stuffing, be careful not to overdo it. This could have the reverse effect, and can be harmful to more delicate leathers and textiles if excess pressure is applied. Simply stuff until the bag holds a natural shape. It should look more or less how it did on the retail, e-tail, or secondhand e-tail shelf.

  3. Wrapping any exposed hardware that may rest on exterior body of the bag can also prove to be extremely useful. In this way, you’ll prevent any indentations from forming, whilst protecting the hardware from any chance of scratches!

  4. The majority of designer bags will likely be accompanied by a dust cover, labelled with the name of the fashion house. Keeping your (stuffed!) handbag in the dust cover is another added layer of protection we’d highly recommend. Although you may not end up with a Pinterest-worthy shelf-full of exposed designer handbags, you will most definitely preserve the pristine condition of your collection.

    In lieu of a dust cover, you can always store your handbag in a neutral, breathable cotton pillow case. In a cover or not, it is also wise to ensure there is enough space between your handbags when they are tucked away. This will prevent any possibility of scratching one another or the dreaded color transfer.

  5. Storing your bags in an up-right position will hold your designer handbag’s structure best when in storage. There is no risk of any corner being pushed flat or any embellishments being knocked off by adjacent hard surfaces. Clutches, however, can always be efficiently stored laying flat instead of standing.

  6. When it comes to the handles or straps of luxury bags, it’s best to refrain from using them to hang your bags in storage. Keeping the purse in this hyper-extended position can skew their natural shape, and damage the handles. Even further, if your bag has removable straps, we suggest removing them and placing them inside of the bag (room provided). This avoids any chance of squished, disfigured straps or any damaging contact between the strap and the bag itself. 

  7. Finally, a climate-controlled environment is the ideal setting in which to store your handbags. Be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight or any harsh artificial lighting. Luxury bags fare best in a cool, dark environment that won’t allow water vapor—often caused by heatto build within the leathers. This will also avoid any cracking or fading from developing!

 Follow these simple tips, and you'll watch the lifespan of your designer bags extend significantly. This option allows you to get the most wear out of your favorites, and to have the ability to get the most bang for your buck on the resale market. 

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