How to Authenticate A Celine Handbag

 Learn if your Celine handbags are real

With a traditionally more minimalist design overall, Celine bags have few, but vital factors to take into consideration when determining authenticity. The following guide will help with a preliminary authenticity check of your Celine handbags. If you're still not 100% sure you can answer the question 'is my Celine bag real?', and would like to get your preloved Celine handbag professionally authenticated, try our new Canada-wide authentication service!


Authentic Celine Mini Belt Bag showing strong structure

  • With their uniquely iconic silhouettes, it is important to take note not only of the bags’ measurements, but compare the dimensions as well, ensuring every detail matches the true model

  • Many Celine bags are rigidly structured, but are not immune to loss of structure and occasional warping depending on wear or storage conditions. An authentic Celine bag; however, will never fully lose its original structure because of the premium materials and expert craftsmanship




  • Stitches are straight, symmetrical, even, and not immediately visible (unless using contrast stitching) 

    Authentic Celine Trio Bag showing hidden stitching
  • For example, the corners on the Trio bag (pictured above) hide the stitches completely

  • Stitching is the same color as the main hue of the bag, blending in and appearing seamless


    Authentic Celine Box Bag showing antique finish hardware

    • Celine seldom uses shiny finishes when it comes to hardware – it is usually either silver-tone or gold-tone with an antique-like finish

    • Any rings used are exclusively O-shaped or D-shaped

      Authentic Celine lobster clasp detailing

      • For detachable straps with lobster clasps, the clasp base has three connected parts below the mechanism without any substantial gaps  (they're directly stacked). The D ring holding the strap attaches to the second/middle thickest section

      • These sections of connected hardware have rounded edges - never angular or straight edges

      • The lobster clasps are engraved with the Celine logo, with the C being next to the clasp opening, spelling the name horizontally towards the base of the clasp


        Authentic Celine Zipper mechanism
        • In the center of the base of the zipper mechanism, just where it meets the the tracks, there is a digit marked, often indicating the size 

        • While some designers use branded zippers, recent Celine styles have a zipper that is plain with no branding whatsoever (nothing indicated underneath – i.e generic like Lampo)

        • Some smaller Celine pieces feature a RiRi logo under the zipper, but 90% of the time, they are plain

          HOT STAMP

           Authentic old Celine logo

          • The hot stamp logo matches with the color of the hardware

          • Pay close attention to the font as well, ensuring your logo matches those below. Note, the first logo is on older styles (pre-fall 2018) used during the Phoebe Philo era - it is more spaced out, and uses an accent over the first 'E'. The second logo is the currently used branding, with a more compact font, equally crisp, and accent-free.

          Celine logos, old and new

          • Vintage Celine bags from the 1960s (and around that time) also have no accent on the E or any letter

          • The letter C resembles a circle that’s been cut off - if the C is more oval, that is a red flag

          • The letter E used is unevenly spaced with the middle line being closer to the top of the letter, leaving a bigger gap on the bottom

          • The hot stamp is straight with clean edges and is legible 

          • "PARIS” will also be stamped below the logo


          • Holding with their minimalist aesthetic, Celine serial numbers are debossed onto leather tags located inside the bag - this way, the interior fabric and lining are not affected

          • There are some exceptions in which the serial number is debossed directly into the interior 

            Authentic Celine handbag serial number
            • Serial codes include a total of seven digits

              • The order is one letter, a dash, two letters, a dash, and four numbers

              • Letters are always capitalized and are the same size and font as the other digits

              • Celine only uses dashes to separate digits - if spaces or dots are used in the serial number, that is a red flag 

              • Unlike some other brands, the serial number does not indicate the style, so it is not unusual for different Celine models to share the same serial number

              • The letters indicate the factory location. The numbers follow the LVMH method in which the first and third numbers signify the week that the item was manufactured, and the second and fourth numbers indicate the year of manufacture

              • Some bags have two serial numbers on the one leather tag, or also include a “Made in Italy” debossing




            Made in Italy debossing on a real Celine bag

            • “Made in Italy” is debossed on the interior of the bag - sometimes accompanied by a Celine logo, but often on its own

            • Bags purchased in traditional retail shops usually include a white foldable or single tag and a white care booklet - both with the CELINE logo printed on the lower front in black font. These inclusions are kept in a white open envelope with a vertical cut at the top on one side

            • Flat studs are smooth and do not include a screw-like etching in a line or + format

            • Zipper pulls, when leather, are not uneven or weirdly shaped 

              Handle base of an authentic Celine Luggage bag
            • On Luggage bags, the leather attachment at the base of the handle is a bit pointed, not entirely rounded

            While authentication is an important and intricate process, hopefully you're now a little further along in making sure your bag is 'the real deal'. We recommend always buying from certified sellers and resellers with authenticity guarantees. If you've stumbled upon a lucky gift or vintage shop find and would like to get your bag professionally examined, fill out our handbag authentication service form today!

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