Discontinued Bags We All Wish Would Come Back

Balenciaga Giant 21 Part-Time

Fashion is cyclical and it is rare that a designer handbag will make it to the 5-year mark, let alone become a classic like the Chanel Flap bag or the Louis Vuitton Speedy. This means that at some point, many favorites are likely to be discontinued. With a bit of patience and an aptitude for the art of the Google, you may come across some of these long sought-after bags on the luxury resale market. While some more recently discontinued bags are somewhat more widely available, we're here to help source bags for all handbag lovers. Simply let us know what designer handbag you're looking for and we'll go to work for you! In the meanwhile, we've curated our list of the top five designer handbags that we wish were never discontinued.


Balenciaga Giant 21 Hardware


Fans of Balenciaga handbags are up to date on the various leathers and colors that the brand has released over the years. True cult followers; however, covet the giant 21 hardware over all else for its edgy chunky aesthetic as much as its scarcity. This version of the bag comes with oversized thimble-like hardware and was first introduced in 2007. Sadly, Balenciaga decided to change the hardware to a smaller version in 2012 and the giant 21 bags are only available on the resale market. 

Go bold with the Red Giant 21 Part-Time pictured above or opt for the perfect black bag with the black Giant 21 Midday.


Chanel GST


Chanel White GST


Chanel caused quite the upset in the hearts of many devoted fans of the brand when they decided to discontinue their popular Grand Shopping Tote (referred to as GST) in 2015.

The GST is dearly missed, but luckily can still be found on the resale market. Check our collection for a variety of GSTs including the white GST pictured above, a teal GST, an aubergine GST and the smaller variant - the beige PST.


Saint Laurent Sac du Jour (Large)


The Saint Laurent Sac de Jour is well on its way to becoming a classic in in the handbag world; however, those seeking the larger sized tote are out of luck. The Large version of the Sac de Jour is highly desired for its chic minimalist design and its effortless transition from work to play. The luxury purse was discontinued and has been replaced with the “Duffle” version of the bag – a much longer and more rectangular shape.

Check out this stunning khaki large Sac du Jour or the black small Sac du Jour.


Celine Trapeze


Celine Medium Trapeze

Celine saw a resurgence in popularity after Pheobe Philo took the helm almost a decade ago now. While she's since departed, leaving the brand in capable hand's of Saint Laurent vet Hedi Slimane, her imprint has left the designs of the French fashion house on many fashionista's lust lists.

The brand became a powerhouse when it came to subtle, yet elegant “it” bags, starting with the Celine Luggage tote. The Celine Trapeze followed with the same clean lines and winged gussets and became another instant success. In late 2017, rumors starting circulating that the bag would be discontinued. The Trapeze’s absence from the Celine website seems to confirm the news that Celine will stop producing one of the brand’s most adored designs.

Our extensive collection includes the dune Trapeze pictured above, a black medium Trapeze, a blue medium Trapeze, a sand mini Trapeze and an exotic black python Trapeze!



Chloe Hayley


Introduced in 2015, this hobo is the perfect boho-chic workhorse for those who wish to look a little more inconspicuous and subtle with their luxury pieces. The bag was quietly discontinued as it seems to have vanished from the Chloe website with only the micro size still available.

Browse this stunning black Hayley Hobo.


Which bags would you like to see come back? While we may not be able to put them back in production, we may be able to help you find your dream bag. Create an alert to be notified the second your bag arrives!

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