Canadian Handbag Authentication

So you've found your dream bag. And the price is almost too good to be true. All you have to do is send the DM to the Instagram account, make a quick little e-transfer, and you're on your way to curating your perfect outfit. Easy, peasy. Nothing to worry about. Right? Wrong!

With the extreme rise in the preloved market, comes a lot of new 'big bads'. The landmine of fakes extends well beyond the ill-intentioned social media accounts, and duplicitous sites or brick and mortar storefronts. The accidental passing along and reselling of nearly imperceptible fakes is also heavily climbing. The more educated the shopper, the more skillful the fraudulent designer becomes. It's terrifying, but don't worry, we've got you covered!

First things first, what to look out for when shopping preloved. 

Authenticity guarantee

A reputable reseller will ALWAYS stand by their product. Not sometimes. Not brand dependent. Always. If there's no authenticity guarantee, we'd advise there's no sale. 

Every item purchased from Love that Bag etc comes with a lifetime authenticity guarantee. We don't sell fakes. Ever. And we stand behind that. In fact, not only do we authenticate every single item in-house with a wealth of experience and careful protocols, but majority of our handbags even come with a certificate of authenticity from the global leader in handbag authentication - Entrupy!

Registered businesses

While Instagram, Depop, and Tiktok are a blast, be mindful that many of these small sellers are not operating as actual businesses. They could very well be selling the real stuff - and many of them are! But if something goes wrong, these non-registered sellers are not beholden to the same protocols, and governmental checkovers, and may be less inclined to help you out in the event that something goes wrong.


See what past customers have to say. Are they happy with the product, the authenticity, the service? Most websites and brick and mortar shops will have a Google Reviews section available to read online. These CANNOT be edited by the businesses, so you know it's the real deal. 

Where you're unable to read reviews - as may be the case with a social channel - a simple Google search is your friend! We'd also recommend browsing the forums of Their Purseforum chat section is basically a Reddit for handbag addicts. It's a fun spot to waste a few hours, but also a good source of information, and you may be able to dig up some intel on sellers you're considering.

A human team

Secondhand shopping is just a different beast than buying new when it comes to the experience. Most reputable companies will have someone you can talk to. If you're getting sketchy canned answers that sound like AI, we'd recommend steering clear.

At Love that Bag etc, we take your calls, emails, chats, and DMs ourselves. Every single item is photographed, measured, and written up by our in-house team - never defaulting to older versions of the items or pulling measurements from the brand's websites. Basically - we're hands on - so if you have questions - we absolutely have answers. Shoot us a message anytime, on any of our channels. You'll usually hear back within one business day, but never more than two. And often a lot less :) 

Second things second, what to do if you feel you've been duped.

Get the handbag(s) authenticated ASAP

If you're not sure you have the real thing, it's ALWAYS best to get it checked out. Luxury items are a point of pride, and you should never have to second guess what you paid for. Best case scenario, you purchased a small peace of mind. But in the event that your handbag isn't authentic, you'll want to know immediately. Let's tap into why. 

Get proof so you can get your money back

When an authenticated handbag comes back inauthentic, or unidentifiable, an authenticator should provide you with some sort of an evidence-based document. A letter of proof can help you get your money back - sometimes from the initial seller, or from the credit card companies if you're forced to go that route.

We offer a simple affordable handbag authentication service to all of our Canadian customers. For a small fee, we'll get you a certificate of authenticity, or a letter of evidence explaining why your item cannot be authenticated. With a quick turnaround time of two-three business days, this service is fast, effective, and judgment-free! 

And finally, if you're just a little unsure of a purchase you've made elsewhere, or even looking to buy something preloved for the first time with a few jitters, don't hesitate to reach out! Professionally, we sell 100% authentic designer handbags, fashions, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. But personally - we buy a lot too ;) Everyone on our team understands the cravings and the concerns just as much as you do. We're happy to chat on all things preloved luxury, anytime! And if you're in Montreal, we encourage you to come visit us in our showroom. By appointment only, we're open Monday - Friday from 10:30am-4pm, and happy to walk you through how it all works!