The Value of Buying from a Trusted Reseller

Is my preowned bag authentic? Find out these answers and more


So you’ve fallen head over heels for the Chanel Lambskin Double Flap. Or maybe the Gucci Soho Disco. And the JW Anderson Pierce Bag. And the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis. And the… well the list goes on. So naturally, you want to get them at a more affordable price than what they sell for retail. Perhaps you want to take part in the circular economy. Or maybe you just like a discontinued color. All very good reasons that your internet history is chock full of preloved designer handbag sites and your Instagram is set to follow even more.

But with all the options out there, how can you ensure you’re getting fair shakes? Of course, a ‘good’ price is always desirable, but what does that really mean within this space? Can a price be too good to be true? How do you make sure you’re buying an authentic handbag? There’s plenty to consider, so let’s dive in.


False Promises

A ‘like new’ Celine Box bag selling for $1800CAD is almost definitely not what it seems. With a rapidly growing market, most honest resellers will price according to demand, market value, and condition. If a bag is selling questionably lower than the competition, you can pretty well count on it being a bum deal. It may have a major flaw not pictured, it may have a strong odor, questions of authenticity, or be merchandise to ‘move quickly’ for legal reasons – a nightmare you certainly don’t want to walk into!


“Real” Deals

No one wants to pay top dollar for a good replica. Any reseller that doesn’t offer an authenticity guarantee likely doesn’t know with any true confidence that their products are authentic. While the product MAY turn out to be authentic, you do run the risk that it may be a fraud and the vendor could be unwilling to remedy the situation for you.


Eyes Wide Open

If you want to lock in a great deal on a coveted piece, you should always be on the lookout from resellers you trust. Depending on how and where their inventory is sourced, resellers may take the prices down for a number of reasons. If the designer handbag is being sold on consignment, the initial owner may simply want to sell the item quicker. If the purse was purchased inventory, the reseller may just need to clear some space for new products coming in. This is where you can lock in some really incredibly deals, even beyond the standard preowned price drop.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

So what’s your best bet to ensure you receive an authentic preloved designer bag in great condition? Shop trusted sellers. Vet the reviews, talk with the team, check into guarantees, and don’t shop that which seems a little TOO good of a deal.


Happy bag hunting!

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