The Circular Economy of Preloved Fashion

Preloved Designer Handbags & Luxury Fashion

Fast fashion retailers have come to be known for their ability to quick churn out good copies for great prices. This enables the consumer to dress from head to toe in chic current fashions while staying within budget. Not a bad way to look the part, but we have a better one – preloved! Buying previously owned pieces allows you to pay less, while getting the impeccable construction and materials of the runways.

In the circular economy, every player helps to alleviate the impact on the environment, while simultaneously reducing their own personal fashion brain freeze. With fashion serving as the second-highest polluting industry after petroleum, every item worn secondhand helps reduce waste by extending its life by nearly two years. In fact, if every item purchased worldwide over the next year were to be preloved, we could reduce carbon, waste & industrial water consumption by a whopping 73%*. Still, with all the talk of benefit to the world, the clothing and accessories still have to work for the shopper in order for the model to be sustainable. From once worn dresses to never carried handbags, preowned luxury no longer subscribes to the dated concept of “vintage” from garage sales and dust-laden corner thrift stores. These items come to you by way of careful curation and range from gently worn to mint condition. Often, these items are in better shape than front of house items in a traditional retail shop.


Secondhand luxury purses and designer clothing

Best of all, this green shopping option will reduce your spendings alongside your carbon footprint. With favorable rates offered to resell with us, well cared-for bags can be preloved, reloved, and preloved once they've exhausted their stay on your Instagram feed. This system allows you to enjoy your items, and move on (with a little extra cash lining your pockets) guilt-free once you’re no longer enchanted. Win-win!

As a team of self-proclaimed bag ladies, nothing would make us happier than to connect each one of you with your new perfect designer purse, or find a happy home for your old favorite bag. So whether you’re looking to participate in the circular economy as a shopper or you’re ready to sell your designer handbags or designer clothing, shoes & accessories, we’re here to help. Check in with our team Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm EST via email, live chat or call in at (438) 384-6983.



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