The 2019 Handbag Report

Classic Chanel Flap Bags & other authentic designer handbags


Heading into our eighth year of operation, we wanted to take a hard look at just about everything preloved designer handbag. We wanted to see which brands we should seek out for you and which bags, in particular, you were itching to get your hands on. Naturally, we looked at how quickly items go – and some of them all but borrow a moment on our site, but we were really curious about what was being sought out even when it wasn’t yet shoppable. To do this, we looked at what you searched for the most on our site.


Of course this data enabled us to work harder to help you get your hands on your dream shoulder bag or that wish list evening clutch, but we also found the data to prove some pretty interesting handbag trends. So we figured we share.


Brands You Covet


Top searched designer handbags in 2019


Not an overwhelming surprise here, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Dior, and Hermes were the main brands you searched and viewed last year. And while you definitely like the latter two, your sights were heavily set on the ‘golden three’. In fact, Louis Vuitton and Chanel sat pretty, each representing over a quarter of the pageviews – that’s just the brands themselves – it doesn’t even include specific items!

Other noteworthy mentions? Celine, Saint Laurent, Prada, Balenciaga, Fendi, and Chloe. Many others came close. Remember – this is just what you looked at by brand name alone. We’ll talk about what you bought a little later.

While the numbers by volume couldn’t come close, a big trend in 2019 was the rise in traffic for more up-and-comers, including Loewe and JW Anderson. Additionally, Stella McCartney and her ethical cruelty-free designs saw a rise in search volume as well, in keeping with global social ‘going green’ trends.


Handbags You Desire

So which ‘it bags’ still held their own in 2019? As it turns out… most of them! We still saw the most searches coming in for Louis Vuitton heavy hitters: the Neverfull, the Speedy, the Eva, and the Pochette Metis. Chanel's most covetable handbags according to search patterns remained the Classic Flap and the Boy Bag, while Gucci greatly increased interest in its Marmont, while only seeing a slight drop in the Soho Disco and the Dionysus. Honorable mentions – the Dior Lady Dior bag and the Hermes Birkin each saw their fair share of search traffic.


What You Couldn't Resist

Top designer handbags you purchased in 2019

Aside from what you spent plenty of time researching, we looked into what you couldn't pass up. So which preowned designer brands were flying off our digital shelves last year? Unsurprisingly, Louis Vuitton won by a landslide. Chanel came in second, with Gucci trailing quite close behind. Here’s where we saw some unexpected variation. While less of you were searching for Prada, more of you were going straight to purchase, giving it the fourth spot in handbags purchased in 2019. And our fifth spot goes to Dior.


Where You Did Your Shopping/Browsing

Finally, we took a look at where our biggest handbag aficionados were situated. From a search and general traffic standpoint, we saw Ontario (Toronto, Oakville, and the GTA) dipping in the heaviest, with Quebec (Montreal) trailing in second. British Columbia (Vancouver, Kelowna, and Burnaby) grabbed third position, followed closely by Alberta (Calgary and Edmonton).

When it came to looking at which designer brands were actually purchased in 2019; however, we saw a slightly different pattern. Ontario remained in first, with Quebec in a close second, but Alberta took over in third position, shifting British Columbia down to fourth.



So what will 2020 look like in handbag obsessions? That’s yours to figure out!



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