How to Maximize the Life of Your Designer Shoes

Caring for your authentic designer shoes

Okay, so you've just found your dream pair of pre-loved designer shoes. Aside from planning on all the events you'll wear them to and all of the outfits you'll pair them with, you've got a few important next steps to consider. Go through this easy list to ensure you keep those Jimmy Choos in excellent condition for years to come!


Before you take your first steps with your new pair of designer shoes

A common feature of designer shoes is their very delicate sole, such as the red painted Louboutin base or the soft beige leather beneath your favorite Manolos. If you really want to extend the life of the shoe, we recommend having them professionally resoled in rubber. This solution is not only reasonably priced, but can be done several times over the life of the shoe, keeping it wearable for as long as you're still in love with the design.

Concerned about the look? No need! Most good cobblers will make sure to match the color of the rubber sole with the original to honor the aesthetic of the shoe.


An easy way to break in new designer shoes quickly

Whether pristine or excellent condition pre-owned designer shoes, there's a good chance they won't be comfort-fit right off the bat, even in the perfect size. Structured shoes, in particular, often need to warm up to your feet a little. The best way to 'break them in' is to start wearing them around the house. Even if you’re sitting, wear them with a pair of socks and the shoes will start to take the shape of your feet. Leather always expands, so don’t worry if they feel tight in the first few weeks. You can always (very carefully) use a hair dryer to soften them.


Regular inspections and leather conditioning of your designer shoes

After a long day in your Chanel espadrilles or a night out in your Roger Vivier pumps, carefully examine them and take notice of their condition. Clean them right away (or in the morning if you're rolling in a little late) and apply conditioner to any new scuffs on the leather. Regular conditioning is the best way to prevent any major damages to your designer shoes. If necessary, get them fixed as soon as possible by bringing them to your local cobbler. For suede shoes, use a nylon-bristled brush to remove any excess dust.


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Store your designer shoes properly

This applies for when you are at home or traveling. Keep them in shoe bags to protect them from the dust, and in separate shoe bags if the heel or hardware are likely to scratch up the opposite shoe. Before stowing your shoes away, use a shoe tree to air them out; this helps to keep their shape and remove the moisture. Once in your closet, make sure to never pile them up, and stuff the inside with paper if necessary to hold the shape.


Remove odors

While there is no foolproof way to avoid foot odors, you can mitigate the risk by airing them out between wears, even if it requires alternating between shoes over the week. Additionally, make sure your feet are clean before wearing your gorgeous new pair of designer sandals. If you're still having some trouble, try storing them with baking soda packs inside. This natural home remedy is a cheaper and non-toxic alternative to branded odor-removal products and can work wonders!


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