How to Authenticate Your Fendi Handbags

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So a few months back you inherited an unlabeled box of miscellaneous fashions and accessories from a distant relative you possibly met once or twice. Upon opening it, you excitedly discover the sleek double F emblem, known only to Fendi handbags. Skeptically, you investigate it, but still find yourself in wonderment - is my Fendi handbag real? 


When it comes to authenticity of designer items, to know for sure, you're always best off checking in with a certified authenticator. In the short run; however, here are few quick tips and tricks to look out for. Remember, if you decide to buy or sell secondhand bags, be sure to go to a trusted source with a forever guarantee!

Like every brand, Fendi has its areas with little tells. Be sure to examine these components extra carefully.


FF Logo

Authentic Fendi handbag for sale

The iconic Metal F’s of Fendi's authentic logo should be staggered on either side of the rectangle, and never directly across from each other.


Authentic Fendi Monogram Print Bag

When the logo shows in monogram print, namely in the Zucca & Zucchino iterations, the FF’s blocks should be of equal sizing, and if lined up would stack perfectly. The second dash in the F should be shorter and thinner than the line above it. The FF blocks on the Zucca and Zucchino prints should all be equally distant from one another.


The inside of an authentic Fendi handbag has several things to take note of. Since the early/mid-2000s, the interior pockets will feature FF zipper pulls. Check the date of the bag with the zippers. There are several other changes made to Fendi bags across the years. All date-defining features will align in a true Fendi bag.

Authentic Fendi Selleria Bag

Inside a real Fendi handbag, you will find leather tag with Fendi (or Fendi Roma, or Fendi Made in Italy) embossed, or a metal plaque engraved with the same text. In the event of the branding showing up on a metal plaque, the color of the plaque should match the hardware on the bag.


Since 2004, Fendi includes a holographic square with a serial number in their bags, with a series of numbers and letters just below the sticker. In early 2010; however, Fendi stepped up their authenticity practices, and began including RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to many of their bags, replacing the hologram. This RFID with a scannable chip has information on the production of the bag and its origins. Located on a fabric tag stitched into the bag with 8 digits into the fabric, these RFID tags require a device to be read, but can likely be authenticated in a Fendi shop as well.

Many counterfeits will have a visual copy of the RFID tag, but will be missing an actual chip.


Serial Numbers


Authentic Fendi Handbag
On the older bags and several models of the current offerings, Fendi still included their serial numbers. 15-17 characters long, they include numbers and letters separated with dashes. 

These can be found on the back of the interior leather (never fabric) logo tag or in a corner or pocket near a seam.

Another important dated feature, Fendi bags produced before 1980 do not have serial numbers.


A few other Fendi features worth noting include details of their hardware and dust covers.

Authentic Fendi Double Baguette Bag


The snap under the FF logo on baguettes and similar bags is typically square with FENDI engraved neatly. In fact, Fendi likes to engrave most of the hardware on bags with either FENDI or FF (studs, rings, etc), and the FF logo will be found on the back/underside of the zipper pull hardware.


Authentic Fendi 2Jours Bag

Another noteworthy detail is that the metal bars that are located across the front of the Fendi 2Jours and 3Jours bags will always be screwed to the bag directly.

Finally, while they can always be swapped in or out, it's a good practice to assess the dust cover which came with your bag. Recent Fendi dust covers are white cotton with a black FENDI (Roma) logo without any bleeding.

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