How to Accessorize your Favorite Handbag

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While every designer handbag comes equipped with its own style and personality, the possibility to individualize it further often leaves room for some accessorizing fun! There are numerous ways to tastefully adapt your designer bag without compromising its integrity. We've compiled a few suggestions:


Add a Strap

A major trend of the moment, the shoulder strap has become a great way to switch up the look of your bag while adding a bit of functionality. Varying from brand to brand, there are numerous options to meet your needs and style preferences. You can opt for what's known as the 'Guitar Strap'; a thicker canvas shoulder strap featuring any combination of prints, logos, embellishments, and the sort, or go for the thinner leather or chain straps in a plethora of colors and finishes.

While not always the case, many are adjustable as well, allowing for a crossbody double use as well.


Add a Scarf

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An easy way to adjust your color palette, the addition of any scarf offers an exceptional range of aesthetics to renew the look of your old favorite handbags. Whether you favor the classic Hermes Twilly, the elegant Dior Mitzah, or an edgy Alexander McQueen skull printed scarf, your designer bag is definitely going to get a fresh revamp.

There are many ways to go about the addition of this accessory. For Hermes, the Twilly is typically used around one handle on Birkin bags to protect the leather while adding a pop of color and print. This sophisticated and practical option, like many other scarf additions, can also be made into a feminine bow detail or a timeless knotted silky tie draped over the side of the bag. Use the Hermes Twilly on any bag, not just Hermes, to add an extra touch of luxury to your outfit.

Dior’s Mitzah scarves are famous for being wrapped around the handle of their beloved Lady Dior handbags. Again, offering a level of protection against the natural oils found in our hands, the various prints each add their own twist to the otherwise classic bag. With the introduction of the ABCDior line of Mitzah scarves, you can now go a step further when customizing your bag and select the scarf with a theme dedicated entirely to a single letter of the alphabet.

Another less conventional method is to use any favored luxury scarf as the drawstring in a bag where you are able to remove the leather string and loop through the silk tie. 

With many other purposes including silk tie bracelets, neck ties, and hair bows, scarves are the true chameleon accessory. Created in a variety of colours, prints, and themes each season, these luxury pieces are truly collectible items in their own right.


Add a Bag Charm


Burberry Red Check Cashmere Thomas Busby Bear Charm


Cute, small, and playful, bag charms are a great accessory for your handbag. Simply clip on to any available ring, loop, or zipper, and right away you’ve completely transformed your bag and added a unique flair.

Hermes Blue Saphir Milo Lambskin Grigri Rodeo Horse Bag Charm MM

Each brand has their own distinct charms—Prada’s bears, Hermes’ horses, Fendi’s monsters, and Louis Vuitton’s fleur de monograms. With a large assortment of mix and match finishes, designers, textures, and colors, it becomes a playful challenge to personalize your designer bags in a whimsical fashion.


Whether you're searching to bring new life to your old favorite handbag or to bring in a new bag addition with an instant customization, these accessories will go along way. They're easy to remove and swap, and provide an economical means of having a refreshed piece of arm candy.


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