Consigning with Love that Bag etc: A Walkthrough

Consigning with Love that Bag etc


As fun an experience as it is profitable, the consignment process has grown to be extremely popular alongside the rise of the circular economy. Whether pocketing the money for a distant trip, saving up for your “I can’t live without it” item, or simply cleaning out the old to make room for the new, luxury consignment is a profitable way to give second life to your old favorites. Additionally, increasing the lifespan of luxury items has never been more important; with excessive amounts of fashion items ending up in landfills in an industry that pollutes second-most after petroleum. As personal advocates of shopping preloved, we know that consigning designer items should be an incredibly easy, and totally guilt-free experience, where your closet, your wallet, and the environment are thanking you.

Today, we talk you through the process, as we bring you along through one customer's consignment journey.


Step 1: What’s been lurking in the shadows, gathering dust and losing worth?

Take a look at your wardrobe. If there’s anything that no longer brings you joy, or that you simply just don't use anymore, it’s time for that to be rehomed. Someone out there is ready to fall in love with your once cherished items, and our global audience will make the connections for you, while allowing for thousands of eyes to browse your consignments daily. This means quick sell-through — and a speedier pathway to buying something new ;)

 Chelsea arrives at Love that Bag etc Vancouver

Chelsea Jiang (@chelseajiang), the resident 'it girl' from the hit Vancouver reality show Ultra Rich Asian Girls, saw the value lying dormant in her closet. A passionate purveyor of the luxury scene, Chelsea’s items are always fresh and tasteful, yet, she can’t help but grow tired of her once-wardrobe-staples. This collective initiative for spring cleaning comes at no better time than our Vancouver launch, where she was able to come in and meet with our new local Consignment Coordinator; Claire Stobbart, in person, and sample our personalized service.


Step 2: Receive the suggested preliminary pricing, and get the items over to us

You can begin by filling out our consignment form, or by sending photos to one of our dedicated consignment team members in Montreal (coverage for all of Canada) or Vancouver (local coverage) for an initial price quote based on the condition of your items, demand and supply in the market, age of the item, and a multitude of other variables. Next, you'll be making an appointment to drop-off or mail in your items, or set up a VIP home pickup when you consign 5+ items in Vancouver (10+ in Montreal). 

Discussing the bags for consignment

Due to the central location of our new Vancouver consignment office, located at 525 Seymour Street in Unit 207, Chelsea decided to make an appointment to drop-off. Chelsea brought with her two beautiful gently used designer handbags, the Celine Bicolor Black & Cream Smooth Calfskin Mini Belt Bag and the Bottega Veneta Mist Micro Intreccio New Calf Rialto Bag for consignment, and hoped to learn she'd be able to make a decent bit of money back on them.

Her appointment was brief, consisting of an overview of our quick selling times, risk-free insurance policy, relaxed consignment contract, and no-fuss automatic payments soon after purchase. 


*tip* - to speed up the process, and receive the most accurate quote for your items, be sure to photograph and mention any noticeable wear or troublesome areas (i.e. corners) if choosing to send photos prior to an in-person appointment.


Step 3: Confirm the finalized pricing, and keep an eye on the site

Once we've assessed your items in person, you'll receive a confirmed price shortly after. Then it's up to you — you decide if you’re comfortable with the price before moving forward. Once the pricing is finalized, all that’s left is to wait and watch as your items make it to the site. Our team of professionals do the work in authenticating, photographing, marketing, answering customer inquiries, and shipping to the buyer. Your items will be available online within 2 - 3 weeks of your confirmation, if not sooner.

 Love that Bag etc checks over the authentic Bottega Veneta Rialto Bag


After an in-person inspection of the items, the final price was sent to Chelsea for her approval. This was an important aspect to Chelsea, as she felt more comfortable knowing that our pricing policy meant the price of her items would never be lowered without her permission.


Without lifting a finger, Chelsea’s items were listed and are now being seen by thousands of our customers every day. While simplicity and ease of the process were important factors as to why Chelsea chose to consign with us, she also had a desire to sell fast. Our 10,000+ handbag waitlist, 13,000+ subscribers to our weekly newsletter, and 110,000+ monthly site visits were enticing to her, and ultimately acted as the icing on the cake of Chelsea’s consignment experience.


*tip* - sign up for our weekly newsletter to see when your items go live and how they’re being marketed to our audience!


Step 4: Out with the old, in with the new

There’s no better season to refresh your wardrobe!  We'll help you clear away space-takers that you're no longer keeping in your rotation. Items such as handbags and small leather goods sell within weeks (sometimes within minutes!), and size-driven items such as clothing and shoes are often purchased within a few months. As your consignment cycle completes, you can use those funds to shop. And shopping preloved with us will save you even more on current trending items!

 Love that Bag etc assesses the authentic Celine Belt Bag

Three weeks post-purchase, Chelsea will be paid automatically through our third-party affiliate, Plooto. This time period accounts for our global shipping times, and 10-day return policy which acts as comforting safety-net for online shoppers. Knowing our reputation for excellent customer service, unwavering transparency, and expertise in selling the highest quality authentic designer items, Chelsea was excited to be consigning with Love that Bag etc, and was able to begin the process of looking for favorable new wardrobe replacements!


Chelsea waits in the Love that Bag etc Vancouver lobby


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