Bottega Veneta Handbag Authentication Guide

Learn everything there is to know about authenticating Bottega Veneta handbags

Classically clean, and the essence of subtle luxury, the Italian-born brand, Bottega Veneta, has been growing in popularity year over year. With minimalist designs in lush materials, the handbags are a true get, with many an 'it bag' landing on the blogosphere. While the attention to detail is what makes these bags so covetable, it is equally what can give away a pretender bag. The tips below provide a focus to help you examine the authenticity of your new favorite Bottega Veneta handbag. If you're looking for a certificate, or further help in uncovering if your Bottega bag is real, try our new handbag authentication service.


Zippers / Hardware:


  • Bottega Veneta exclusively uses Riri brand zippers - the zipper brand can be identified on the underside of the zipper.
  • A butterfly design may sometimes present on the underside of the zipper, which is a familiar Bottega Veneta (BV) logo.  
  • Current bag hardware has a more simple and sanded, yet matte, finish OR has an almost tarnish-like finish that pays homage to vintage BV hardware. 
  • Some styles from previous collections feature matte gunmetal hardware.
  • Authentic hardware has a considerable weight to it, as with most other designer handbags.

    Authentic Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag
  • The triangle-shaped buckles (as seen on the Cassette pictured above) display the brand’s logo engraved along the side.

Materials / Craftsmanship:


  • Premium materials and construction are both extremely important factors to observe when trying to evaluate the authenticity of a Bottega Veneta bag - especially those by Daniel Lee, since they are very modest and simple.
  • Each piece involves a complex level of skill and precision - including the seamless stitching and the attention to detail throughout. 
  • The signature Intrecciato technique is made by weaving together thin strips of leather for the classically sized Intrecciato, with noticeably impeccable precision and handmade mastery. 
  • With both the original Intrecciato and Lee’s oversized interpretation, the style of holding the leather pieces together is where counterfeiters often take shortcuts, which can signal fraud to the trained eye. A true Bottega comes through a lengthy and specialized process which sees the sides of the leather strips pressed into place, similar to a debossing style, but they are never stitched into position.
  • For the majority of Bottega Veneta bags, especially those that have been manufactured since Daniel Lee’s entrance, the leather is double-sided, indicating that the exterior mirrors the interior. 
  • For bags with a thin single strap, like the Mini Pouch, there is one consistent stitch down the center of the strap.
  • The Intrecciato material is available in lambskin, a lambskin/calfskin mix, suede, and patent leather

    Discover Bottega Veneta's new teen sizing
  • In early 2022, the brand introduced the “Teen” sizing for many of their popular bags. This allowed for a scaled down version without minimizing the size of the original too much, yet still maintaining the overall proportions. The Teen sizing simply cuts back by a few centimeters (cm) in each dimension – W x H x D. 
    • For example, Bottega’s original/standard The Pouch measures 40cm wide by 18cm high, whereas the Teen size is 31cm wide by 16cm high.



  • Always be sure to inspect the interior just as much as the exterior since this tucked away part of the handbag is often a place where fake Bottega Veneta bags fall short.

    Authentic Bottega Veneta inner logo stamping
  • The Bottega Veneta font logo is always consistent. It is spelled out in capital letters with clean lines, provides the same amount of spacing between each letter, and features serif details.
  • Typically, there is a brand stamp embossed to the leather (or other material - i.e. suede) on the inside with a “Made in Italy” line just below in a thinner, smaller font.
  • The stamp is not sharp, but rather a more delicate debossing that almost blends into the material.


Serial Numbers

Authentic Bottega Veneta Serial Number tag

  • Bottega Veneta bags have remained quite consistent throughout the years in the appearance of serial numbers.
  • The serial number is printed on a narrow paper-like tag sewn to the lining.
  • The tag includes the Bottega Veneta logo on one side, and the reverse includes a unique multi-digit code that has been printed on in a block-style font.
  • The tag also has a raw, unfinished edge.
  • There are some older styles (pre-2000s) that will have variations of this type of serial number tag.


Hopefully you've just found your way to certainty that your BV bag is authentic. If you've landed on some disappointing news, or would like to be certain, try our handbag authentication service, which will provide you with a certificate of authenticity OR a letter of evidence explaining why the bag cannot be certified. While this may help you get your funds back in the case of a fake bag, we recommend exclusively shopping preowned with companies that guarantee the authenticity of all of their pieces, and have proven track record of strong customer service. If you're ready to shop with us, we're always happy to help you find your dream bag!


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