Manolo Blahnik







While studying art and set design in Paris in the late 1960s, Manolo Blahnik stumbled into the world of shoemaking. Shortly thereafter, the Spanish designer went on to develop one of the world's leading luxury shoe brands to date. Known for his elegant silhouettes and feminine flourishes, Blahnik himself still occupies the role of both Creative Director and Chairman. A wholesome traditionalist, Manolo Blahnik still sketches all of his shoe designs by hand, never using a computer, just as he did at the conception of his brand in 1970.

Owing to the late 90s HBO hit, Sex and The City, the footwear giant also gleaned status as a pop-culture icon. Shining a well-deserved spotlight on classic Manolo Blahnik styles both on- and off-screen, leading lady Sarah Jessica Parker helped his Hangisi pumps and Mary-Jane Campy heels rise to fame.

Expanding into men's footwear and decorative coffee-table books, the family-run company shows no signs of slowing down in its inspired endeavors. Effortlessly chic and irrefutably timeless, the Manolo Blahnik name has become synonymous with luxurious, ingenious footwear. 

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